Shady dealings, felons in the C-Suite and multiple class actions haven’t put a dent in their ability to transform into a major distributor for Medicare Advantage plans.

While the average street agent can face sanctions for very minor transgressions, the big players in Medicare are turning a blind eye to…

It looks like Senior will see a modest increase in Social Security for 2021 !

Social Security COLA will increase 1.3% for 2021

Seniors who count on social security as the only source of their income, essentially earn less each year as the cost of living adjustment doesn’t begin to keep pace with actual medical inflation. For 2021…

Hackers have discovered how easy it is to find our your insurance agent ID (and we know they already can get your Social Security number from many sources on the web) and submit a change form to the insurance carriers.

Hackers submit their bank account information (it’s gonna be in…

Sylvia Gordon

President of Gordon Marketing, one of the nation’s largest insurance FMOs. Dedicated to independent Medicare, Life & Health agents in all 50 states.

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